Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lives Speak

Pondering the comments seen of Facebook from atheists and ones who have encountered them recently, I am troubled by the position of the atheist. While I understand that God must open (unveil their eyes) to see the truth, It makes me think about whether my light shines bright enough. Am I making the difference I can all the time? I’m a teacher; there are times that I raise my voice, rarely, to get their attention or stop something serious that is happening, but I am always considering if my tone may have breached our relationship or dimmed my light. Do I represent hope, as a vessel of Christ? I have high expectations for myself. True.

Sure there are times that one has to raise their voice. Even Jesus threw over the money tables in the church, though he was making a point that His house was supposed to be a house of prayer. Yes, I see the balance; but nevertheless, I always desire for my life to speak. My life can speak many things. It talks without me talking too sometimes. It’s an open book for many to be read. I don’t always like what they see or hear, but when I take ownership of what needs to grow and change, I will become more of a light. If my light shines brighter, atheists and those who do not know Christ, those who have backslidden, etc. may be drawn towards Christ.

If we want to make a difference and change the world, by enlightening people with the reality that God exists, they have to see Him in us so strongly. This will ignite hope and begin to make them consider your life. Those thoughts, the living proof of Christ living, working, and breathing through you and me is the recipe this world needs! There will be less crime and violence if the church can get their lights out from under their bushels. It starts with you and me. If we can join together in this great endeavor, we can make a difference. No one is perfect, but if you get up every day remember this important truth from the word, you can be more focused on letting His light shine through you by letting your life speak words of life.

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